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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Jump to the beat on the street



Pictures shot by myself
Hat Asos, leather jacket men's 'Golden Goose Deluxe Brand' silk jumpsuit Topshop, t shirt stripped vintage, socks vintage, Nike Air Force Ones trainers.... obviously

I have a little bit of a red nose! Yes, it is so cold today here in the UK and because I am extremely dedicated to fashion, to blogging, to my audience???? Yep.... there you are! I have braved the fierce below freezing winds and popped outside my flat to the corner of Portobello Road to shoot against this rather cool white wall. 

I hope you appreciate my hard work and dedication!

So, the look I am hustling here is street mixed with tomboy. I love anything loose and boyish, I just cant help but raid by boyfriends cupboard when he is at work.

Hope you like.
If so, then 'like' purlease!

Feel free to post any questions and I will endeavour to get back to you.

See you soon, hopefully when it's not so unbelievably cold!

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xxxxx Natasha xxxxxxx

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